Our address:
Russia, 198504, Saint-Petersburg, Peterhof, Gostilitskoe shosse 131, liter A
Russia, 190020, Saint-Petersburg, ul. Bumazhnaja 18, ofice 703

For correspondence:
Russia, 190020, Saint-Petersburg, po box 82, ul. Bumazhnaja 18, ofice 703

011-7-(812)-363-22-32, 607-46-58 (sales Manager) (contacts in Russian)
011-7-(812)-363-22-34 (Department of accounting) (contacts in Russian)
011-7-(812)-417-67-74 (Metrology Department)
011-7-(812)-607-46-56 (production Department)

Basic mailboxes (email) of the organization:
mail@standmat.ru Primary mailbox of "CSOVV" Ltd.

The sales Department:
sale@standmat.ru The primary Inbox of the sales Department of "CSOVV" Ltd.

production@standmat.ru The main email of the production of "CSOVV" Ltd.

Personal mailboxes (email):
email Name Position
atanov_an@standmat.ru Atanov Alexander N. CEO
gagarinov_sv@standmat.ru Gagarinov Sergey V. Chief engineer